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Of mind and health

In the recent past we have referred to a particular book Living Within a couple of times to share with our readers insights pertaining to our daily existence. For the uninitiated, this book is a compilation of thoughts of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother, the former’s spiritual consort, on aspects as wide ranging as mastering ‘obsessive and compulsive thoughts’, how to ‘rest and relax’, developing ‘will, discipline, endurance’ etc. It is in this book that there is a section on ‘Faith and Suggestion’ from where we are going to quote a few relevant portions. We hope you shall find the thoughts and ideas interesting and practical as well.

1) “A suggestion is not one’s own thought or feeling, but a thought or feeling that come from outside, from others, from the general atmosphere or from external Nature, - if it is received, it sticks and acts on the being and is taken to be one’s own thought or feeling… This feeling of doubt and self-distrust and hopelessness about oneself is a thing moving about in the atmosphere and trying to enter into people and be accepted. I want you to reject it, for its presence not only produces trouble and distress but stands in the way of restoration of health …”

2) “Coue was a doctor. He used to treat by psychological treatment, auto-suggestion, and he called this the true working of the imagination; and what he defined as imagination was faith. And he treated all his patients in this way; they had to make a kind of imaginative formation which consisted in thinking themselves cured or in any case on the way to being cured, and in repeating this formation to themselves with sufficient persistence for it to have its effect. He had very remarkable results. He cured lots of people; only he failed also, … But in any case, this made many people reflect on something that’s quite true and of capital importance: that the mind is a formative instrument and that if one knows how to use it in the right way, one gets good result.”

3) “… if you catch yourself thinking – well, if you do it suddenly, if you look at yourself thinking all of a sudden, spontaneously, unexpectedly, you will notice that nine times out of ten you are thinking something troublesome. It is very rarely that you are thinking about harmonious, beautiful, constructive, happy things, full of hope, light and joy; you will see, try the experiment … Well, you will see, it is almost always foreseeing a bigger or smaller, more or less vast catastrophe.”

The points highlighted above in no uncertain terms indicate that our well-being & health (mental and physical) are dependent on the state of mind. If we channelize our thought processes in thinking positive so much better for us. Such an approach assumes greater significance with the kind of negativity that has surrounded us due fear corona virus.


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