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On October 9th, this year, a day after Vijaya Dashami, around 7.30 am we received a call from Mr. Raju Baker (name changed). He spoke at a frantic pace. All that we could understand is that he needed Porosh’s help in providing Emergency Service. His ailing mother had collapsed on the floor. Raju was too perplexed to take a decision on his own.

Action Begins

Immediately upon receiving the phone call, Team Porosh swung into action. First, the Team quickly decided to send a trained nurse to address the immediate need of providing basic medical aid to Mrs. Baker. Being fully aware of the post Puja blues and city of Kolkata gradually limping back to routine life, the most dependable of nurses was contacted. She responded in the affirmative and within half an hour flat she was on her way to the client’s residence on Rawdon Street. She reached the spot in another half an hour from receiving the call. It was 8.30 am.

Almost parallel another team member contacted the service provider, empanelled with Porosh, for ambulance. The first person to be contacted had the mobile phone switched-off. The second person was a bit apologetic and said that the day after Durga Puja it is difficult to provide an ambulance service at 7.45 am. Although frustrating yet under such stressful situation one needs to maintain patience. Not to let loose of composure is the key. The third service provider promptly responded and AC ambulance with life support system was dispatched. By 9 am the ambulance reached the spot.

Meanwhile, the Team Porosh after arranging for the nurse and ambulance decided to pay visit to Raju and also meet his bedridden mother. By the time they arrived at the spot it was 9.45 am. The nurse was feeding Mrs. Baker after having removed her soiled clothes. Raju was still visibly perturbed, seated beside his mother. He informed Porosh that the family physician is unable to come and hence, she may have to be admitted to a nursing home.

When informed that the ambulance was already waiting he could not believe his ears. He was speechless for a moment and then thanked us profusely. A friend of his told Porosh that they had never expected such responsiveness and seamless execution when the Durga Puja had just got over.


The purpose behind sharing this incident is to highlight that having committed oneself to 24*7 Emergency Service calls for extreme alacrity, level headedness and also proactive thinking. The service providers cannot afford to be lax and nervous. Since time is of essence, decisions have to be taken and executed upon quickly. And this where Porosh stands out.


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