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Medical Value Travel

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Examining an X-Ray
Supportive Doctor

India is counted among the top ten countries globally and top three in Asia when it comes to Medical Value Travel (MVT) which is also known as 'medical tourism' due to the following reasons :

  • sound medical infrastructure

  • excellent treatment facilities

  • reasonable rates

Built on rock-solid foundation of experience, expertise and trust gained over the years by providing medical and non-medical services to the senior citizens, Porosh has now embarked on a new journey of providing MVT services to individuals coming to India from abroad for medical treatment.

It offers a well-designed and comprehensive bouquet of services to put at ease anxious family members who are in quest for proper medication and at the same time searching for suitable accommodation, seeking doctor’s appointment, arranging pre-hospitalization check-ups, planning hospital admission followed by post surgery care.


  1. Eye surgery

  2. Cosmetic surgery

  3. Diagnostic services

  4. Reproductive treatment

  5. Cancer treatment

  6. Joint replacement

  7. Cardiothoracic services etc


  1. Dialysis

  2. Elderly care programs

  3. Counselling services

  4. Post surgery care

  5. Nursing

  6. 24*7 attendant

  7. Doctor visit

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