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About Parisheba

Parisheba provides services based on individual requirements. This package includes two emergency services along with few other medical & non-medical services. Rest of the services can be selected from the list of chargable services.

Services included in the package

  1. Provide 24*7 Emergency Medical Assistance’ (including arrangement of ambulance and hospitalization) twice a year. Ambulance hiring charge will be extra.

  2. Care Giver visit bi-annually.

  3. Courtesy call once a week.

  4. Facilitate online grocery delivery once a month.

  5. Arrange online doctor consultation twice a year.

  6. Facilitate online delivery of medicine once a month

  7. Assist online payment towards utility services

Package Charges

Registration Fee (one time)

Rs.1,000/- (Rupees one thousand only) 

Annual Package Subscription

​Rs.18,000/- (Rupees eighteen thousand only) plus 18% GST 

Note :  The above charges are for individual package subscription.

24x7 Trained Attendant available on monthly basis (charges extra)

Chargeable Services

  • Post Operative Care

  • Physiotherapy

  • Speech Therapy

  • Online Doctor Consultation

  • Health Diagnosis at Home

  • Complete Nursing Care

  • Weekly Health Checkup

  • Dementia Counselling

  • Geriatric Counselling

  • Medical Equipment

  • Porosh's Kitchen - Home Food Delivery  Services

  • Attendant Care

  • Banking Assistance

  • Assistance to Doctor Chamber

  • City Travel Assistance

  • Technology Assistance

  • Medicine delivery

  • Food Delivery

  • Grocery Delivery

  • Dialysis Assistance

  • Psychological Assistance

  • Intellectual Companionship

  • Solutions for Sleep Apnea

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