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An attendant as a family member

When we look out for an attendant it means by implication that we are in need for one. It is never the other way round. It is quite unlikely for an attendant to knock door-to-door seeking a job. On the contrary, it is we who seek their services for smoothly running our family chores. Naturally, given the nature of work Porosh does, it frequently receives queries from children of senior citizens staying alone for attendants.

Following due diligence, which even includes interviewing an attendant, he/ she is shortlisted and deputed to the residence of a member.

In this context it is important to understand the psyche of an attendant as she leaves behind her family, in remote villages mostly, to be with a member about whom she has no prior knowledge. Her state of mind can be related to that of an employee on the first day of a new job. She feels vulnerable. She keeps on guessing how will she be treated. Whether it will be with disdain, or warmth.

Hence, it is extremely crucial for the member(s) to offer a certain degree of comfort in their dealings with the newly appointed attendant so that she feels at home and thus, gets enthusiasm to perform her duties. Under normal circumstances there is no reason to feel that there will be willful dereliction of duties because such people are usually simpletons and hardworking. All they look forward to is proper meal, adequate rest and decent behavior.

It has been our experience that wherever the above three points have been taken care of they even continue working for five/ six months at a stretch even without seeking any break although they are eligible for breaks for a few days every month.


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