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Annual picnic at Jungle Tent

The annual picnic of Team Porosh was organized on January 28 th at the Jungle Tent (off Basanti Highway). No sooner the momentum of the event started building-up than the plans were discussed in the WhatsApp group about the activities to be participated in. As one would have expected, the day’s events were heavily loaded in favour of outdoor sports like soccer and cricket. Badminton too was included.

On the given day we left for the destination at 8.30 am from Tollyginge. On the way, team members were picked-up. Till we reached the venue which was around 10 am, Bangla and Bhojpuri songs were played by turn. Thus, the tone for a day of fun and frolic was set into motion even before we alighted from the Traveller.

Having set our feet in Jungle Tent we were awestruck at the lush green lawns,

beautiful gardens, flower beds, pond, a small playground and of course, various

games akin to the ones which we see in films pertaining to commando training e.g.

rope climbing.

After treating ourselves to a hearty breakfast comprising luchi, chholar dal, alu’r dam and rosogolla a few among us were busy taking photographs while the rest were busy exploring various commando-like drills and of course sports activities.

After almost two hours of various outdoor activities must of us took shelter under the trees and then started adda which was essentially about pulling each other’s

leg. Before heading for lunch we retired to the rooms which were booked in Porosh’s name.

The menu for lunch was quite elaborate. Important to note that fish, chicken and mutton were cook and served in home-made style. There were also a few guests

who had come from other parts of the country.

Post lunch it was siesta time between 3 pm to 4 pm before we spent one more hour playing cricket and soccer. By 5.30 pm we departed but not before having chai and chicken pakora.

It was a day well spent. For most of us it is the only day in the entire year when we come together and get an opportunity to unwind ourselves through outdoor recreational activities.


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