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Appreciation and humility

Porosh as a principle has always maintained a distance from pursuing media for gaining publicity. As a matter of fact we have often been approached on several occasions in the past, and one very recently by an established magazine. We were informed, much to our glee, that Porosh has been ranked as one of the 10 emerging elder care service providers in India. Not only that. We were chosen among 150 contenders! However, it came with a rider which stated we needed to pay a certain amount to figure in the list. It was a shocker for us. The message was loud and clear: buying rank by paying! The person who contacted us had the temerity to state that getting our name published will earn Porosh a lot publicity and mileage. Needless to add, we refused to reply. This incident took place during April’21 beginning.

As luck would have it, by end of April a Delhi-based correspondent from Hindustan Times expressed keenness to publish an article on how organizations like Porosh are trying to bridge the psychological gap during pandemic between elder citizens staying alone at home and their children who have settled abroad. We were interviewed and so were some of our members. The web edition was published on April 30. One may visit the ‘Media & Events’ section in our website ( to read at length. Not for once there was even a subtle hint seeking any sort of favour from Porosh.

Upon its publication we received appreciation from our well-wishers. We were genuinely happy to gain recognition for the work we have been doing tirelessly. We also realize that with this comes the maturity to remain grounded and humble lest arrogance gets better of us. Instead we feel motivated to work even harder with sincerity by shunning vanity.


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