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COVID 19 Wave II: Porosh is ready, are you?

It is an irony that Covid 19 Wave II in India has coincided almost with the same time as it did last year. Although a year ago we were caught napping and scared about the consequences of a potentially fatal virus yet it appears that take-it-easy attitude by us has brought us back face-to-face with the nightmarish experiences all over again. Having let the guards off we have allowed the virus to hit us back with a vengeance. Naturally, senior citizens, to be very specific, are feeling jittery. The situation is particularly vulnerable for those who have to wage a lone battle against an invisible enemy. It is all the more acute for those whose children, in pursuit of their career, are either settled abroad, or staying in different cities within India.

Under these circumstances, Porosh, given its enormous expertise in dealing with such sensitive situations in the recent past is once again ready to hold the bull by its horns. Porosh’s unique work culture makes it stand out from the rest. The young and dynamic founders lead the team from the front in the field. Such is the reputation of the team that last year Pronam, a Kolkata Police initiative for assisting senior citizens, regularly referred distressed individuals regularly to Porosh for medical and non-medical assistance ta home.

Contributions of Porosh prompted The Indian Express to publish an independent article on Porosh on October 1, 2020 on the occasion of ‘World Elderly Day’. This was shortly followed by an interview of one of the co-founders by a Bengaluru based start-up.

The section on VoC (Voice of Customer) is replete with rave reviews about Porosh’s work ethics and its response to customer issues.


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