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Customer Ka Suno

Porosh,true to its reputation as an agile and customer-centric organization, has improvised on the bucket of services offered by it. Well nothing has been added, or deleted from the existing list. So, you must be wondering that what have done and why? Let us elaborate.

A couple of weeks back we received a request from a lady (say, Pratima). She along with her spouse are scheduled to leave for the US as the delivery date of their only daughter is approaching. However, they are beset with a problem. While they are away who will take care of her aged parents (both in their ‘90s) for three months? Puzzled, they contacted Porosh.

Pratima wanted to enroll for Sneho (for the elderly couple) but not for a year. She was firm that it has to be for only three months. So, we discussed and decided to create a new package with limited services – 24*7 Emergency Service and Doctor Visit at Home – at a monthly rate which is lesser than Aastha (i.e. Rs. 3000/- per month). Our logic was simple: Create such a package that can cater to any requirement between 1 to 11 months.

Our decision clicked and we had Pratima enrolling her parents with Porosh. So much for customer-centricity.


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