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DOCTOR VISIT AT HOME: What is there in it for me?

We, at Porosh, are often asked about the service - Doctor Visit at Home (DVH). Queries are far-ranging but usually repetitive. Hence, we felt this week’s article should focus on clarifying some of the issues for the larger audience. Let us first understand DVH is an integral component of the two packages that Porosh offers – Sneho & Aastha. Under these two packages DVH is scheduled once a quarter. However, prior appointment of the doctor needs to be taken. Doctor’s cosultancy fee and conveyance expenses are taken care by Porosh. No separate payment needs to be made by the client. However, if DVH is required more than once in a quarter then all the relevant expenses are borne by the client. Here, it is pertinent to mention that the empanelled doctors of Porosh are available across the city of Kolkata be it Salt Lake, or Behala. Usually general physicians accompany us for these visits. It may further be noted that all the doctors are univocal in admitting the clients, in case of emergency, to the nearest hospital, or nursing home of their preference especially if it is at night. During day-time emergency situation a few hours lead time is required for attending the client as all of them are practising doctors. For critical cases, admission to hospital, or nursing home is always advisable. When it comes to helping our clients who have availed Parisheba even for them DVH can be arranged after having taken prior appointment of the doctor. Unlike Sneho & Aastha, DVH during emergency at day-time is not available.


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