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Evolve for growth

Porosh commenced its journey to serve the senior citizens with medical and non-medical support at home more than three years ago. One of the principles that Porosh has been particular since then has been responsive to customer needs either by way of addressing felt (like Medical Value Travel), or expressed (like Post Operative Care) needs beyond what packages have to offer. Obviously, new services bring an element of surprise not only for the members but also to their children. A very common reaction is like, “Oh, you launched this service! I was actually wondering if Porosh could render Post Operative Care.” In no uncertain terms it indicates that we are on the right track.

For some one closely observing Porosh’s evolution for the last few years, one shall notice that at regular intervals new packages, or standalone services are offered. It indicates fecund mind of Team Porosh which quickly pick up cues from the evolving mindscape of the elderly and their children as well. Not only this.

Take another example. One may have also observed that design and layout of the website has also undergone a sea-change from the initial days. For this, we are grateful to the children of our members who have now become more of a family and in that capacity share their ideas to make the website more user-friendly and attractive.

Thus, we are constantly evolving ourselves with changing needs & aspirations of our members which has resulted in Porosh gaining recognition as a dependable organization to reach–out for filling-up the void in the lives of senior citizens in the absence of children being around.

Having shared this, let us also add that Porosh is now planning something different for which one has to wait till the next blog.


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