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How to reduce sugar intake in diet

This week’s blog is based on an article recently published in The Economic Times. She elaborated in great details on what happens when sugar intake in the diet is reduced and also on taking steps for reducing sugar consumption.

Studies have shown that when one stops consuming sugar it may have similar effects on our bodies akin to persons getting off drugs. Withdrawal symptoms such as headaches, exhaustion, brain fog, irritability, etc. are observed. Some people even experience digestive issues. However, with time, our bodies adapt to it. In the body processes, nothing really changes. It continues to burn calories for energy but there are fewer extra calories to store as fat since sugar is one of the main sources of calories.

According to Dr. SK Mundhra, HOD, Internal Medicine Saroj Super Speciality Hospital, New Delhi, there can be many reasons for increased sugar intake. "It is important to understand the sources of sugar intake along with the lifestyle habits that resort to increasing blood sugar levels. While not only eating sweets add to an increase in sugar levels but also poor exercise habits, a sedentary lifestyle also act as catalysts. Bingeing on alcohol, not exercising, poor eating habits, sugar in tea, or coffee all contribute to high blood sugar levels gradually." She also shared some tips to reduce sugar intake and keep weight, blood sugar levels in check.

1) Mindful Eating - Keeping a check on the quantity helps in enjoying the delicacies with moderate piling of calories. Always use a smaller plate while dining. Be mindful of what to eat and how much to eat.

2) Follow diet plan - Having a heavy breakfast helps to keep the stomach fuller for a longer time. Plan breakfast to be heaviest with lots of fibre and nutrients, and lunch packed with proteins. Try avoiding high carb foods during the daytime like bread, potatoes, sauces, white rice, etc. Keep the kitchen and fridge full of healthy snacking options, green leafy vegetables and fruits.

3) Consume plenty of water – Eliminate sugary drinks, such as soda, packed juices and replace them with water. It is advised to drink plenty of water every day (optimal level). Start the day by drinking 1 lt. water on an empty stomach to clean the digestive tract. This helps in staying hydrated and cleans toxins from the blood. Make sure to consume at least 3 lt. of water on average per day.

4) Choose from the wisest– Choose to eat a healthier option.It is perfectly okay to choose nuts, fruits, flavoured yogurts in the desserts.

5) Detoxification Technique - Try detoxing body by replacing tea and coffee with green tea. Start the day with a glass of lukewarm water and a dash of lemon in it. Try avoiding binge drinking. Better to opt for red wine instead of scotch, vodka etc.


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