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Porosh and its lockdown preparedness

Since inception Porosh has often displayed grit and character in the face of adversities and who else if not our members bear testimony to these qualities that seem to make us stand-out from the rest. With a 15-day lockdown coming into effect from today (& who knows it may even get extended) we realize that our resilience and team-work will be put to test once again.

It is particularly important for us now to remain alert 24*7 and have multiple options ready to meet emergency situations involving the members who are all senior citizens. The aspect of lockdown that is especially significant is the near absence of public transport. The mobility of our foot soldiers is hamstrung due to near absence of public transport and even Ola/ Uber. Hence, ensuring their mobility is a key factor in the entire scheme of activities for rendering timely service to our vulnerable members.

As a result, we have pressed into service an additional vehicle to ferry our team members to different parts of the city of Kolkata to meet the emergency requirements of our beloved members. After all Porosh owes its very existence to them. By the grace of God, we hope to tide over this situation as well as we did last year.


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