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Porosh makes a foray into medical value travel

For quite some time Porosh has been receiving calls beyond Kolkata (& Bengal as well) seeking assistance in terms of arrangement for accommodation right upto admission in multi-speciality hospitals. Initially we were a bit hesitant as to whether we shall be able to do justice to such requests. After all, it is a matter of tremendous responsibility.

However, we also sensed that given our experience and goodwill in serving senior citizens is worth taking the plunge and make a foray into medical value travel which is otherwise popularly known as ‘medical tourism’.

So, as first step forward Team Porosh carried-out extensive research and study to understand the nitty-gritty of such a venture. Thereafter, keeping in mind a wide array of medical and non-medical requirements for serving an ailing individuals coming to Kolkata from far-off places Porosh has designed a comprehensive package confined not only to senior citizens.



​ Eye surgery


​ Cosmetic surgery

​Elderly care programs

​Diagnostic services

Counselling services

​Reproductive Treatment

​Post Surgery Care

​Cancer treatment


​Joint replacement

24*7 attendant

​Cardiothoracic services etc.

​Doctor visit

Online grocery & medicine


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