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Porosh offers value-added packages

In tune with growing and varied medical needs of senior citizens, Porosh has decided to offer a couple of standalone value-added packages which are:

Surgery Care

Post Hospitalization Care

​Pre admission consultation

​Nursing Care

​Pre admission test

​Attendant care

Date planning

​Medical care at home

​Pre surgery counselling

​Post operation doctor consultation

​Facilitating hospitalization

​Health check-up

​Paperwork and billing (discharge assistance

Physiotherapy/ Speech Therapy

​Insurance desk clearing and returning home

Organizing medicines

Basis our experience we have observed that elderly people who either stay alone, or even with their children, who are themselves saddled with work related deadlines, seemed to be unnerved at the prospect of making all the arrangements for surgery care, or post hospitalization care on their own. There are two reasons for this.

First, physical exertion associated with the entire process and second, the daunting task of making all the arrangements on one’s own.

Implicitly they look-out for some help and assistance during such moments of crises from someone who is trustworthy. This is where Porosh, based on its expertise, can make a positive difference in the lives of senior citizens as it is already doing so with the existing members under Sneho and Aaastha packages.

For more details you may visit or call us at +91 7439852047 / +91 8697131764 .


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