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Porosh’s new website

When Porosh had launched the website for the first time it received some feedback its near and dear ones. Suggestions mainly centered around the look of website and layout of contents. We realized that it did not give a slick feeling and also lacked vibrancy in terms of color. And as you know, Porosh takes customer feedback seriously.

It took time for us to collate our ideas & thoughts before offering a contemporary and yet a unique look to the website. Actually, it has been a good example of kaizen. Souparno, one of the co-founders, himself being an accomplished website developer offered different options to the team to decide and select from. After several rounds of debate the final shape was arrived at.

First, the overall color scheme of the website was set in tune with the base color of the logo.

Second, the contents now follow a certain logic. We took feedback from our existing members and tried to understand from them the key points they searched (& in what sequence) while exploring the website for the first time. Upon further analysis by collating data a cogent pattern emerged. It is now visible in the website.

Third, mobile speed has been optimized. This means one can access the website much quicker from the mobile than what it used to be earlier.

Fourth, once a relevant page under ‘Other Services’ is opened a window appears asking, ‘Want to hear more?’ An interested person may share the his/ her name along with Email ID and/ or Contact No. for the Admin Team to contact.

Fifth, when clicked on the ‘Blog’ section the latest three blogs are visible and it is left to the reader’s discretion to choose which one to read first.

Sixth, right at the top of the ‘Home Page’ there is a statement ‘Are you away from your parents and concerned about their health?’ This sets the tone for the target group which Porosh is aiming at.

We shall sincerely expect our readers (which also include senior citizens) to visit the website and share about Porosh with their friends and relatives.


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