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Prevention is better than cure

Lest Porosh sounds cynical and desirous of cashing-in on the fear of others (and that too senior citizens), well then, it is a case of misplaced perception. In one of our earlier articles we had mentioned the role of organizations like us who are committed and dedicated to the well-being of elderly people in need of support has a duty to make them of aware of the happenings around so that they take preventive measures so that it is never too late.

As we are aware, the 3rd Wave has taken-off in India and who knows if it will not take the form of a tsunami soon! Hence, the need of the hour is to remain cautious and not let our guards off. While travelling on the streets of Kolkata one gets an impression that we have not learnt from our terrifying experience during the 2nd wave of Covid only a few months ago.

The basic practice of following social distancing, wearing mask and sanitizing of hands are being flouted. Such cavalier approach seems to suggest as though we have developed herd immunity against the deadly virus. Let us share an example to indicate how shallow is our understanding about the lethal virus. The other day while travelling in Metro we overheard a person observing, “Jaak duto dose vaccine neoa hoye gechhe, aar kono bhoy nei.” (Now that I have been vaccinated twice, I do not have anything to fear of.) So, what else can be a more fertile ground for the virus to spread its tentacles if not this?

Hence, we felt that we sound once again caution our readers, members and clients about the impending disaster. Although it cannot be averted yet the impact of it can be minimized by adhering to the Stand Operating Procedure (SOPs).


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