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Saluting the Brave hearts of Porosh - Battling COVID-19

Ever since the country-wide lock down was imposed on March 25th for 21 days, Porosh realized the time for it has come to up its ante and reach-out to as many number of senior citizens who were puzzled and confused with the sudden announcement. The concern uppermost in their minds was getting regular supply of essential household items.More than anything else they needed medicine and grocery items to be delivered at their doorsteps. Their domestic helps had stopped coming. Thus, we chalked-out an action plan and immediately posted a flyer in the Facebook signalling our availability to stand by them in the hour of crisis.

No sooner children of the aged parents who are either settled abroad, or living in different parts of the country started calling us up. What started as a trickle soon turned into a deluge. So, Team Porosh focused on the supply chain process to ensure delivery of products within 24 hours of receiving calls. This implies the team members being on their toes, braving the heat & humidity of April and working tirelessly to collect medicine & grocery items which are usually running short on supply from different kirana/departmental stores. The effort of our brave hearts was taken note of by the Kolkata Police (Lalbazar) who in turn informed its members (from Pronam) to connect with us.

However, this is not all. What has indeed been most heart-warming is the smile and sense of relief on the faces of elderly persons when they receive the essential items requisitioned for. We owe a lot to the commitment of our foot soldiers as till now none of them have complained about the quality of products being delivered. On the contrary,they are politely requesting if their friends and/or family members residing in other parts of the city can also be helped. Our response is always in the affirmative.

All said and done, kudos to Team Porosh who even without battling an eyelid, in the face of themselves contracting the highly contagious COVID-19, is working round-the-clock with a missionary zeal. One cannot help but hum the immortal Hindi film song sung by Mohd. Rafi – Har fikr ko dhuen mein uda ta chala gaya.


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