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Kanaksaila interior and exterior

Kanaksaila - Old Age Home

A Unit of Porosh Elder Care Pvt.Ltd.

Our Packages

Aastha offers a uniquely designed package of services for elderly couples who are staying away from their loved ones. However, beyond the standard services, couples may also avail additional services from our Chargeable Services.


Aastha package offers medical and non-medical services for an elderly couple.

Apatkal Package


Apatkal package offers end-to-end solution for 24*7 Emergency hospitalization assistance.

 Sneho Package For Single Elderly


Sneho package offers medical and non-medical services for an elderly single.

Surgery care package offers total solutions to an ailing senior citizen

Surgery Care

This package offers end-to-end solution to an ailing senior citizen. 

24*7 Emergency Medical Assistance


Nischinta package provides 24*7 Emergency Medical assistance along with a set of medical and non-medical services.

Post Hospitalisation Care

Post Hospitalisation Care

Home care package for senior citizen  upon their return from hospital after an operation or other medical treatment

Parisheba Package


Parisheba package offers a bouquet of medical and non-medical services to the member to select from.

Medical Tourism

Medical Value Travel

Medical Value Travel (MVT) services to individuals coming to India from abroad for medical treatment.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA) is the most essential service offered by Porosh. Our Team remain on alert mode round-the-clock to meet any medical exigency. As a matter of fact, nothing could deter us from serving our members even at the height of Covid scare and periodic lockdowns.


Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy is a critical service offered by Porosh for those members who face speech impairment due to cerebral stroke etc. Our trained therapists have enough experience to ensure steady recovery from such a state.

Blood Pressure Exam

Complete Nursing Care

Porosh has substantial expertise in organizing end-to-end nursing care at home for members who are either terminally ill, or in critical condition which necessitates warmth and comfort of home. 

We offer ANM, GNM and Critical Care nurses (sisters/ brothers).

Dementia and Geriatric Care

Dementia & Geriatric Care

Dementia (and Geriatric Care) is Porosh’s core competence. It has in-house counsellors who perform this role aplomb and are always in great demand, wherein we have been able to  slow-down the progress of dementia. 

Senior Therapy


Porosh has a team of trained physiotherapists who are just a call away. Depending on the health requirements of a member and doctor’s advice the scheduling of sessions are done and meticulously adhered to.

Online Doctor consultation

Online Doctor Consultation

Covid, or no Covid - online Doctor Consultation assistance provided by Porosh is always in demand. And why not? After all, we have some of the most reputed and committed doctors on our panel catering to this need.

Chargeable Medical & Non Medical Assistance

solutions of sleep apnea

Medical Equipments

Porosh offers medical equipment either on rent, or purchase the same depending on the duration and/ or requirement of member. We provide best possible equipment available for the well-being of our members.

medical equipments

Banking work assistance

Team Porosh provides banking assistance to its members on demand. Our Care Givers take all the necessary Covid precautions in escorting them to and from bank with utmost care.

porosh kitchen

Porosh's  Kitchen  Home Food Delivery

Home-cooked food is delivered from Porosh’s Kitchen to its members with 12-hour advance intimation. Food is served in traditional Bengali set thali style comprising veg and non-veg items. (As per dietician’s recommendation we also cook in olive oil.)

banking word assistance

City travel assistance

At times our members express keenness to visit their relatives, or shopping, or any other place to break the monotony of confinement at home. Porosh is always a call away.

city travel assistance

Groceries Delivery

Porosh offers necessary assistance in organizing delivery of grocery items at the doorsteps of the members (on need basis) online.

groceries delivery

Medicine Delivery

Porosh members can enjoy delivery of medicine to its members in the comfort of their homes online. Thus, they are relieved from the hassle of trudging to a pharmacist on their own.

medicine delivery

Dialysis assistance

Porosh ensures smooth conduct of dialysis for its members by meticulously adhering to weekly schedule without clients having to bother much about it.

dialysis assistance

Psychological assistance

Porosh offers  psychological assistance to its members on need basis.   

psychological assistance


At times members reach-out to us for discussion and debate on issues close to their heart.  Team Porosh is quite capable of such intellectual engagement.

intellectual companionship

Solutions for Sleep Apnea

Depending on the nature of requirement concerning sleep apnea Porosh offers necessary equipment for better sleep.

About us


Porosh Elder Care Pvt.Ltd. is a Kolkata based company providing elder care services in Kolkata concerning medical and non-medical issues. The genesis behind this initiative has been to serve the senior citizens who often feel lonely in the absence of their children being around them. Therefore, Porosh has resolved to fillup that gap by rendering reliable and affordable services in home. The Team is run by a few service oriented professionals who are competent individuals with their own specificialised expertise.

Vision & Mission

Vision :  Be a safety net for senior citizens

Mission :  To offer reliable service within means

Voice of Customer - VoC

Voice of Customer is an authentic source to assess the credentials of our organization specializing in services rendered to the senior citizens. Anyone interested in availing Porosh's services for their parents can draw first hand insights from the existing family of our  clients.

Meet The Team

Lokesh Kumar

Lokesh Kumar

Customer Assistance - Manager and Zonal Head (South Kolkata)

Tapas Mitra

Tapas Mitra

Customer Assistance - Manager and Zonal Head (North Kolkata)

Saruk Ali Laskar

Saruk Ali Laskar

Executive - Customer Experience

Tarun Naskar

Tarun Naskar

Executive - Customer Experience

Raja Pradhan

Raja Pradhan

Executive - Customer Experience

Biswajit Halder

Biswajit Halder

Executive - Customer Experience

horomohan howly

Horomohan Howly

Executive - Customer Experience

akash mullick

Akash Mullick

Executive - Customer Experience

Payal Bhattacharya

Payal Bhattacharya

Senior Executive - Customer Acquisition

Member & Client Reviews

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