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6 winter care tips for senior citizens

Winter is here and aren't we happy about it! While the feel-good season means time for a whole lot of holidays, festivities and binge-watching your favorite content on TV, there are a few things that are not quite as charming as these. The dull, cold weather can cause some problems and it is important to equip yourself with all that you need in order to get through the season unscathed.

The winter season brings with it a few challenges and health-related risks, especially for the elderly. We are here to present you with a list of tips and best practices so you can make certain that you avoid common cold weather-related problems this winter. 6 handy winter self-care tips for seniors

Stay warm

Hypothermia, a sudden and substantial drop in the body temperature, is a condition one can suffer from in cold climates. Seniors are at a higher risk of developing this condition since their bodies cannot withstand low temperatures for long periods of time. It is best to ensure that the senior members of your family stay indoors and have everything they need to stay warm, especially at night. In case you notice a change in the skin tone or texture, inexplicable fatigue and changes in the heartbeat or breathing.

Stay active

While winters may seem like the perfect season to stay in bed for longer periods, curl up and stay indoors all day, it is recommended that you keep yourself active and engaged. Any form of exercise can help increase your heart rate, regulate the blood flow and keep winter-related depression, lethargy, stiffness, and pain away. Physical activity also makes you sweat, in the process flushing out toxins and keeping your skin healthy.

Stay hydrated

It is natural to not feel as thirsty during winters as you usually do around the year. Since there is a lack of moisture in the air, the dryness can extract water from your body. Make sure you maintain an abundant intake of water. If you don't feel like having chilled water, drink water at room temperature or make yourself a lukewarm lemonade that you can sip on throughout the day.

Take care of your skin

The cold and dry air we spoke about earlier can also make your skin's natural oils vanish, and nobody likes dry, itchy or flaky skin! While the human body is designed to keep the outer skin healthy and hydrated, winters make it difficult for the oil or sweat glands to do their job efficiently. Using certain skincare products and following a strict routine can go a long way in ensuring that your skin stays fresh, soft and healthy. Make sure you take good care of your feet and heels. Consider using foot washer that gives you a home pedicure in the most hassle-free way possible

Shower using lukewarm water

Admit it “There is nothing quite as satisfying as a sizzling hot shower when it is freezing cold outside! But while hot showers feel great, they also cause problems for your skin. The skin dries up quickly after a hot shower and this can lead to cracks or eczema. Lukewarm showers, on the other hand, followed by a moisturizing routine can help avoid skin dryness.

Body warming patch uses advanced technology to help you relieve pain on waist, shoulder and stomach that are caused by cold. The thin, soft patch is super easy to use. Just apply the patch on the part where you want to create heat. The heat generated from the patch helps in healing the pain and keep you warm in the winter season.

We hope these simple tips will help you get through winter without any problems. In case you have any questions, feel free to shoot them in the comments section below. Stay healthy, stay happy this winter!

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