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A matter of trust

In pursuit of worldly goals – personal and/ or professional – we need to work closely in association with individual(s) who may be known, or unknown. Therefore, when we undertake a journey of collaboration for achieving a goal the underlying belief is that the collaborator is trustworthy.

In the context of Porosh this is extremely relevant. With restrictions on travelling over the past six months and more so when it comes to international travel children of senior citizens who are staying alone in Kolkata often contact us. Obviously, they seek our help in rendering necessary medical and non-medical services for their parents. Many of them have enrolled with us as members during this period after speaking to us either over phone, or though video calls. Come to think of it, is it not strange? Normally, one would have expected them to meet us in person and visit our office to assess Porosh’s credibility. But no more. This is where an implicit trust on the organization and its members come into play.

One may contend that during such unprecedented times is there any other option? Quite true. But when within 2/ 3 months Porosh receives requests to shoulder additional responsibilities of running a household (from purchase of grocery to bank work) due to inability of the senior citizens to do so it means something more. We become accountable. So, from where does trust generate? We believe the answer lies in the values Porosh tries to live upto – honesty, agility, commitment and quality. Unless we walk the talk values will sound hollow and naturally, trust will be a casualty.

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