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Fun and frolic at Taki

The much-awaited trip to Taki along with the members of Porosh was organized between February 10-11,2024 at Hotel Sonar Bangla. It is one of the events that the elderly members look forward to eagerly every year. Although it was a day-

long outing last year to the ‘Nihar-on-Ganges’ (Sodepur) yet for this year an overnight stay on popular demand was arranged. Children of a few members had

also joined us to make the event all the more special.

The journey to Taki from Ruby took us barely a couple of hours and lo & behold,

we arrived at the Indo-Bangladesh border on the banks of river Ichhamati! The Sonar Bangla, Taki is indeed beautiful with well-maintained lawns, swimming pool and Irish-themed cottages dotting the property.

The first attraction for the members were the rooms in the first floor which overlooked the river and the Khulna Division of Bangladesh to the east. However, a still bigger surprise for us were a wide array of Bengali cuisine which included sorse begun, katla machh with peyajkoli, chicken dak bangalow etc. After a hearty meal most of the members took rest before converging at the banquet hall for the evening program.

After having tea/ coffee around 6.30 pm, the inaugural speech was delivered by Mrs.Paushali Chakraborty (Director). Once she shared her thoughts on mental wellness in a witty manner which only she can, the members were invited to share their memories, recite poems, singing songs and even dancing. Infact, one of the members even recited a self-written poem in the memory of Mirabai! In between snacks comprising succulent fish fry, paneer tikka etc were served.

Subsequently, a couple of games were played of which one was the ever-popular ‘passing-the-parcel’. The fun and frolic involving the game was infectious. The hall was suddenly filled with laughter and energy. Crowd cheered for the winners after every round and also extended sympathy to those who lost. Finally, the winners and runners-up from two teams received gifts. However, the non-participants were not left behind either. All of them received gifts including the attendants who had accompanied some of the members.

Dinner was served by 9.30 pm alongside a generous dose of quintessential adda. By 10.30 pm most of us had retired for the day.

Next day was a new beginning with a touch of melancholy though. After all the fun and excitement of the previous evening, we sauntered to the banquet hall for breakfast. A few were over-heard saying, “Ish, arek din thakle bhalo hoto.” After we checked-out, it was photoshoot time and the overwhelming request has been to plan a two-day outing early next year.

Needless to add, Porosh had arranged for an ambulance for emergency and an empanelled doctor joined us as well.


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