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A Whiff of Fresh Air

In one of Porosh’s earlier blogs we had highlighted the importance of family members and/ or attendants in creating stress-free and positive environment within the confines of a home for sustaining positive impact of counselling sessions. Taking cue from it, in today’s blog we shall highlight yet another important facet of dementia counselling which we successfully explored in our quest for rendering value-added services.

For quite some time one of our clients had been recollecting his occasional visits to a Club nearby and the fun-filled sporting activities he used to indulge in. However, with a touch of remorse, he added how due to deteriorating health reasons he is unable to frequent the Club any more. This struck a chord with us. “How if we organize visits to the Club once in a while?”, we wondered, “In addition to therapy sessions, which are mostly indoors, a whiff of fresh air may work wonders for him.”

Thus, armed with conviction, we started taking him to the Club by hailing Ola/Uber and spent 1/2 hours. His joy knew no bound when he came across old acquaintances and fondly remembered the swimming pool. He even ordered a few of his favourite items for evening snacks from the menu card. All the while he was accompanied by his wife and us. Needless to add, after a view visits we observed sustained cheerfulness in him. He was more responsive to other therapies as well.

We are convinced that if visits can be organized to such places, if they happen to be nearby, about which a client has pleasant memories then it works wonder for him/ her.


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