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Are we a victim of a self-inflicting paranoia?

Ever since the nation-wide lockdown was imposed Porosh did not back-out from discharging its duties due to fear of the unknown – COVID 19. We took basic precautionary measures like wearing face masks and sanitization of hands. Our members can vouch for it. Given our experience, we are in a unique position to assess how a collective sense of paranoia has gripped the city over the last four months and more so the senior citizens.

During the initial days of lockdown, there was an element of uncertainty and hence, panic. We may recollect households across the city stocking essential items. Those were flying-off the shelves in no time. This resulted in long queues outside the departmental stores and our all-weather pararmudi’r dokan. But what has been the scenario since then?

Obviously, we are now better informed, right? We know that the virus is extremely contagious and can also be lethal on a case-to-case basis. We know what containment zones and recovery rates mean. We are also flooded with theories on why there is no sign of its abatement. But what has happened during this period is that half-baked information aired through various communication media have rendered us paranoid. All sorts of unverified news floating around us like how one may get infected by the virus through running tap water to dead bodies of COVID infected persons being dumped on the streets to the ‘worst is yet to come’ debates seem to have numbed us. The more we are allowing ourselves to be fed by 24x7 chattering the more confused we are becoming. Naturally, such a state of mind is extremely damaging and worrisome especially if its reach is far and wide. So, what do we do?

Although the idea may appear a bit outlandish yet it merits introspection. Can we make a collective resolve to shun ourselves from being bombarded by news items centering COVID? We know of persons who consciously refrain from discussions/gossip on the pandemic. This should not be interpreted as the devil may care attitude by such individuals. Instead, they have drawn lakshman rekhas by not allowing negative thoughts to disturb the peace of mind. And who does not know that if the mind is steady and unwavering it creates a better ground to fight the scourge that is COVID?


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