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As the winter sets in

Today’s blog is based on our experience of serving the senior citizens over the last few years. We have observed that incidents pertaining to health among the elderly seem to spike during December and January. Although this phenomenon is not unique yet never did it catch our attention till started working in this filed. So,here are a few probable reasons, or better still, causes which we have identified as catalysts for health issues.

a) First and foremost, ever-increased air pollution in metropolitan cities like

Kolkata. Come winter and the entire city remains blanketed by smog during

better part of the day. It is the price we pay for rapid unbridled

urbanization of the cityscape resulting in poor air quality which effects our

lungs and breathing.

b) Second, a tendency to avoid taking regular bath and also wearing more than

adequate woolen garments to insulate oneself against cold. These practices

backfire as the body heat does not get released. This adds to physical

discomfiture often resulting in critical health problems.

c) Third, not performing regular exercise and even it means daily walks in the

morning and evening. As we know, laziness gets better of us during the

pleasant winter season of Kolkata and we may have to pay a hefty price for


d) Fourth, consuming less than adequate water ase we do not feel thirsty like

in the summers. This is a potential source for health complications. Due to

lack of fluid intake, toxins accumulate inside our body and do not get

flushed-out. This results in brain fog, fatigue, sleep impairment etc.

We have outlined only a few factors contributing towards increased incidence of

health issues among the senior citizens during the winter. However, suffice to say

if precautions are taken with respect to the points mentioned above one can go a

long way to reduce the need for emergency hospitalization etc.


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