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Awareness Programme on Orthopedic Issues & Remedial Measures

Porosh organized an awareness programme on “Orthopedic Issues & Remedial Measures” on January 19, 2020 in Tower 1, Part 2 South City Residential Complex Community Hall.The keynote speaker was Dr. Kunal Sengupta (D. Orth., MS, DNB) who is one of leading orthopedic surgeons in Kolkata. The programme commenced at 5.30 pm amidst a packed house. Most of the members in the audience were senior citizens. The programme was co-hosted by Maitri.

After initial introduction about Porosh, Dr. Sengupta took the centre stage. He bowled over the audience by his easy-going lucid interactive style. One could sense that he immediately struck a rapport with the participants. He emphasized the fact that orthopedic issues need not necessarily be associated only with advanced age. It may even afflict those in their 30s, or 40s due wrong lifestyle practices in the workplace and/ or otherwise.

Challenging the deeply held belief that orthopedic problems are a natural manifestation of aging Dr. Sengupta argued that on many occasions it is also a psychological issue. “After all, age is just a number,” he observed.

He went on to elaborate further that with the recent advances in the field of medical science timely diagnosis and surgery can ensure a person leads a normal life sans physical challenges even if one is suffering from osteoporosis. Even in certain cases of osteoarthritis surgery is suitable.

Apart from these, he empathized the importance of simple regular physical exercises for neck, abdomen and knees which are generally associated with orthopedic issues.

What really mattered after the session is that the participants left the hall with optimism and smile on their faces.


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