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Beyond the frontier of Bengal

In the previous article we had mentioned about Porosh’s responsiveness to customer expectations and also addressing those on merit basis. We had also alluded to certain plans which are afoot. So, let’s elaborate it a little bit more.

By the grace of God and dint of hardwork, Porosh is gradually becoming a familiar and trustworthy name in the domain of service providers at home (medical & non-medical) for the senior citizens especially in Kolkata. However, word of mouth communication is such a vehicle which although takes time to gain traction yet when it does, it transcends geographical boundaries. Porosh is no exception.

For quite some time we have been receiving steady stream of requests to begin our operations in cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Ranchi etc. Even six months back such requests used to simultaneously excite us and also make us feel jittery. We felt happy that our sincere efforts are getting recognised and at the same time wondered, do we have the wherewithal to scale-up?

However, the good news is that we have finally decided to venture beyond the frontier of Bengal. Intense work is going-on primarily involving putting-up necessary infrastructure at place, networking with the business partners and the most important aspect, on-the-job training of Care Experience executives in Kolkata. Once the newly formed team is sufficiently trained and adequately soaked in the work philosophy of Porosh that we shall hit the ground. When the operations commence, we shall convey you the same. Till then, hold your breath!


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