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Coming together of startups

The power of synergy is often extolled in Management classes. One of the ways it is defined is thus:1+1=3. During the student days we used to wonder what it actually meant till such time the faculty member explained it with suitable example(s). However, so many years later we realize its true import.

Recently, Porosh was contacted by yet another startup ‘Soar2High’, based out of Bengaluru, to share its story since inception. No doubt we were quite excited at the sudden development. After all it provide Porosh an opportunity to reach-out to a wider audience and who does not want to be known! There is no denying the fact there is always a deep-seated desire in all of us to be acknowledged and recognized for the work one is doing. Moreover, if it comes unsolicited can there be anything more gratifying?

The interview with Paushali, one of the co-founders, lasted for about 20 min. She explained at lengthPorosh’s approach to work and its commitment to serve the senior citizens even during the period of strict nationwide lockdown imposed during April/May due to Covid-19. Apart from that she also emphasized on how Porosh remains ever-vigilant when it comes to ‘24*7 Emergency Service’.

The readers of this blog, who are not yet members of Porosh but keen to know more about its fascinating journey should watch the video which is featured in the ‘Event’ section of Porosh’s website :


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