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COVID-19: A great leveller

A true optimist is one who views a glass half full as against half empty. Over last month and a half we are mostly fed by the electronic and print media on what is going wrong with Covid-19 pandemic. The fallout of this has been growing incidents of individuals falling prey to psychiatric problems due to brooding over cataclysmic end to the world. Faint-hearted have started losing their nerves. However, Porosh, as usual, offers a different take on this issue.

The forced lockdown has made many of us realize the futility of unnecessary necessities. We have started to live with less. This is the new normal, Atleast for the time being. Scope for extravagant spending and money splurging is no longer possible. We are compelled to lead a simple life like it, or not. Suddenly designation and status appear meaningless. Yet the superfluity of 24*7 lifecycle is yet to sink-in with many. Those accustomed to leading bahirmukhi lifestyle are probably finding it unsettling to adjust to the unexpected shift in gear. However, what we may fail to realize is that it might be once in a lifetime opportunity for us to find true meaning of our existence. This period of lockdown could be the turning-point in many of our lives in terms of setting priorities beyond the narrow confines of one’s career and material accomplishments. Is there anything else to look forward to?

Yes. At the societal level we have become more self-reliant by way of performing household chores be it mopping floors, cooking, washing utensils, dusting etc. In this sense, lockdown due to COVID-19 has been a great leveller. It has blurred the difference between the haves and have-nots, a common man on the street and a celebrity. Not only this. There are news reports claiming that the senior citizens (and others as well) having asthmatic problems have reduced breathing problems.

On a still broader scale the good old Earth has finally got the much-needed healing touch. What global conferences on climate change could not achieve over the years, COVID-19 has been able to. It has proved beyond doubt that without genuine fear of death we are happy paying lip service to nature conservation. The Nature is reclaiming its lost territories and evidences are aplenty. Thus, COVID-19 has proved to be a great leveller by bringing the developed, developing and under-developed nations together and make them work in unison.

Although humanity has taken a beating yet we are confident of bouncing back a lot more wiser.


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