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Foundation Day – Looking Forward

Time flies by and quite literally so. It seems like the other day we huddled together to do something worthwhile for the society instead of merely pursuing personal goals which are usually self-centric. We spent six months doing extensive hands-on market research and met various experts in the field for guidance thus helping us to shape our initiative. Porosh was born on August 5th.

Since inception Team Porosh decided to drive its venture by providing ‘value for money’. We drew our inspiration from an interview of Suresh Krishna (Chairman, Sundaram Fasteners Limited) wherein he had observed, “During the WWII we had dealership for imported diesel engines. There were other dealers too in this business. But they all sold them at black market rates. We continued to sell at the agreed rate of 10% margin. Other dealers bought from us at that price and resold at margins as high as 200 to 300%. Yet, we have survived and grown, they have not. ... I would rather play it by my own permanent standards of integrity and feel happy about it.” (Chakraborty SK & Chakraborty D, Human Values & Ethics: In Search Organizational Integrity, Himalaya Publishing, 2013, p. 307)

Hence, despite the operating expenses having shot-up suddenly & substantially due to the pandemic, Porosh decided not to revise the rates upwards of any of its packages and allied services. Infact it has kept the rates unaltered since inception. Porosh took a conscious decision to refrain from adding to the financial burden its existing members and also those who look forward to its assistance. Had the Team not been driven by the spirit of idealism, it may have taken recourse to over-pricing in the name of COVID 19.

For Porosh, sustainable growth resulting from the goodwill and trust of its members is of paramount importance. Therefore, it remains ever-vigilant to uphold the values of honesty, agility, commitment and quality.

Porosh has still a long way to go. It believes that with the blessings of the members it shall maintain unwavering commitment to its ideals. We are also grateful to those individuals & organizations who have lent support to our noble endeavor. The journey has just begun.


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