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How credible is Porosh?

Intriguing as it may appear, we felt the need to raise the issue of Porosh’s credibility and also respond to it as well. Over the years we have observed that the above issue is at the top of an individual’s mind who seeks elderly care support for parent(s) through organizations like Porosh. Infact a few of those who are genuinely interested seek contact numbers from the existing pool of members of Porosh to check the veracity of what we commit in terms of services on offer.

Porosh, as some of you may be aware, is not an NGO. Thus, it does not get, or seek any financial grant, or assistance from any agency. It has to fend for itself. Hence, for sustaining our growth we have adopted a two-pronged strategy. One, to serve the members dedicatedly by offering value for money. Two, like any professionally managed organization, take adequate measures for the well-being of employees. This includes mentoring and training too. Their grievances are also heard and responded to in the quickest possible time. The above strategies seem to be serving us quite well and that is where the issue of credibility comes into play.

Usually ‘member acquisition’ is always at the top of the list of KPIs for any organization but for Porosh it is a bit a different. While ‘member acquisition’ is a given for us, what really matters is ‘member retention’.

Analysis indicates that ‘member retention’ has been ranging YoY between 86% to 92%. Our aim is to reach 100% and sustain it. Obviously, this excludes any member who has passed away. Apart from this, ‘Employee retention’ is 100%! This is no mean feat given the volatility in the job market. The aforementioned KPIs of Porosh are the two most vital indicators demonstrating its credibility.

As we say, numbers speak louder than words.


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