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In quest of happiness

Quite often we say that happiness is a state of mind. But how many of us comprehend the underlying meaning? Perhaps not many. An analogy of a child could help us appreciate it better. A child of a few months is a bundle of joy so long as its basic needs are taken care of. Anyone coming in contact with the child also feels happy. If observed minutely a child is incapable of attributing its happiness to any object external to it as the faculty of ownership is not yet developed. Thus, even a seemingly trivial object like a piece of paper is good enough to him/ her cheerful. But, as adults, we usually seek happiness in acquiring material objects. Therefore, a question that should bother a reflective mind is the source of happiness whether it is external, or internal.

Actually it is both. The internal source of happiness is self-sustaining and can be nurtured through self-disciplining techniques etc. However, we are not taught to look inwards for seeking happiness. It is always externally projected. Hence, acquisition of new objects gives us joy but its impact is only momentary.

One may, with experience, realize this inevitable truth of life but it often this realization comes tad too late for us to cultivate the habit of looking inwards and thus, be in a state of cheerfulness most of the time.


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