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Looking Within – Being with Oneself

Regular readers of Porosh’s blogs are aware that we always keep on innovating insofar as our services are concerned. No wonder very recently we have added yet another component in our long list of services for serving the senior citizens. It is a breathing technique – Quality Mind Process (QMP) – which combines mind-tilling techniques adapted from Patanjali’s Yogasutras and Sri Aurobindo’s writings. QMP comprises five steps which are as follows:

a) Alternate nostril deep mindful breathing – 6/8 cycles b) Mindful breathing through both the nostrils c) Brain-stilling d) Opening-up upwards and e) Contemplating on bright luminous blue light in the cave of the heart (i.e. hridyaguha) QMP should be practised twice a day (morning & evening) for approximately 20 min respectively.

There are a number psycho-physical benefits one can gain from. Only a few of those are shared below: a) Improved concentration b) Calmness of mind c) Reduced blood pressure d) Increased alertness of mind e) A feeling of happiness


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