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Need for Mediclaim for senior citizens

Once in a while when we onboard a member we realize that he/ she is not covered by any mediclaim policy. The situation becomes particularly acute if the concerned individual happens to be more than 75 years of age. At that juncture, to the best of our experience, a new policy cannot be started!

Hence, it is advisable to start a mediclaim policy in one’s name well in advance. Although a hefty premium may have to be paid annually depending on the coverage yet it is worth going for the same.

With medical expenditure spiraling upwards every passing year, in the absence of a suitable coverage under mediclaim ends up burning a hole in one’s pocket. More so, as one has to meet the expenses from one’s own savings the corpus money for old age also gets depleted. This leads one to financial vulnerability in the long run if not in the immediate future.

Since such a situation too often becomes stressful for the concerned individual it results in procrastination of any medical intervention, or surgery which is perceived to be financially exorbitant. Unfortunately, such a step ultimately leads to complications resulting in fatal outcome.


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