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Osteoarthritis – A Few Insights

One of the typical symptoms of osteoarthritis is knee pain. “Can knee pain be treated through medicine?,” is an oft repeated question. The answer to this is an unequivocal no. The good news is that such pain is curable through surgery.

It is a widely held belief that osteoarthritis is an age related problem that is unavoidable. Not so. Arthritis is attributable to lifestyle issues that a person invites on oneself by way of watching movie/ serial for long hours, not doing enough simple physical activities like regular walk and reckless eating. Surprising as it may appear the root cause of arthritis related problems is in one’s mind. Usually at a certain stage in life one tends to feel that physical ailments is unavoidable and thus makes oneself susceptible to various ailments.

Similarly, pain in the hip and shoulder leading to spondylitis are also treatable by surgery.


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