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Pang of bereavement

The beginning of 2021 has jolted Porosh to the core. Within a space of 7 days two of our senior members left for the heavenly abode. Although both of them were keeping unwell for some time yet finally the age related complications got the better of them.

The deterioration of their health was so sudden and rapid that despite the best efforts taken by us not much could be done. What really pained us is the pang of bereavement. It is indeed true that when we serve the members in the absence of their children warm relationships are developed based on trust and faith. Hence, such situations are akin to losing a family member which take time to come in terms with.

The situation of late has been all the more challenging for Porosh because due to travel restrictions daughter and son of none of them, who happen to stay in the US and the UK, could not fly down to Kolkata and have the last glimpse. All that we could do is to show them the mortal remains through Whatsapp video. It was indeed touching to see them crying on the screen further compounded by the fact that none could perform the final rites.

Porosh wishes eternal peace and happiness to the departed souls from the bottom of its heart.


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