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Porosh and International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Day Porosh’s co-founder Paushali was invited to share her experience as a women entrepreneur with the employees of HDFC Life (East). Although it is not unusual for Porosh to get invited to such forums yet dovetailing it with International Women’s Day was quite unique.

The event was attended by almost a hundred employees, mostly women though. It offered Porosh an opportunity to share its journey since inception including the trials and tribulations. The presentation was brief and succinct. Naturally, it elicited a lot of queries. The most gratifying part was the generation of awareness among the participants that something like home care services for elders exist in Kolkata and that Porosh is one of the leading organizations.

It is indeed true that awareness concerning existence of organizations dedicated to offering medical and non-medical services in Kolkata is very low. Even those who seem to have a modicum of idea generally confuse it with centers providing attendants (aya)!


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