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Porosh Eldercare Private Limited

After four years of hard work and dedicated service to its members Porosh has now progressed from being a partnership firm to Porosh Eldercare Private Limited. The journey so-far has been eventful, full of challenges and thus, exciting. In the initial days when we had started offering medical and non-medical services to the members (i.e. senior citizens) staying alone at home we were not backed by much experience. But what we had was application of mind at every step, taking quick decisions and prompt action. In the process we realized that running a venture has a lot to do with common sense and courage. And of course, hard work and discipline.

Our grit and resilience were particularly tested during the Covid times. Instead of discontinuing services, our team put their lives at stake, quite literally, to ensure that none of the members felt vulnerable and had access to food, medicine and care giving. It paid us rich dividends. Porosh could make its presence felt in the city of Kolkata. Kolkata Police acknowledged our contributions and referred several elderly people to us to assist them in distress.

After the fear and impact of Covid subsided aided by easing of restrictions, Porosh kept on adding valued-added services under its umbrella and also different types of packages to meet varied requirements of its members. As a result, there has never been a single case, by the grace of God, where a member discontinued availing Porosh’s services due to not receiving services as per commitment. We sincerely believe in under promising and over delivering.

The above points in addition to a few other factors made us realize the need to form a professional entity with a long term perspective and durability. Hence, the formation of Porosh Eldercare Private Limited.

The path traversed so-far has been possible with the blessings of our members and good wishes showered on Porosh by the clients (i.e. children of the members). We now have bigger plans. But more of that some time later.


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