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Porosh joins LinkedIn community

Porosh keeps on stretching its limits instead of resting on the past laurels. As a matter of fact, various such instances have already been shared through our earlier blogs. Porosh think-tank has the innate quality of asking – ‘What next?’ Such an attitude is indeed infectious as it rubs on other team members as well. The process of idea-churning is indeed worth going through. Ideas are debated upon and discussed before arriving at a consensus. Action plans follow.

The same principle was at play when the Team decided to join LinkedIn, a site exclusively dedicated to the professionals (& also organizations as well) for the purpose of networking and collaborative work. Porosh is always keen on synergistic efforts. Moreover, it is also the duty of the co-founders not to lose focus on the Mission of Porosh - offering reliable services to the senior citizens within means – despite day-to-day operational challenges.

We realize that Porosh needs to always agile and adaptable to the fast-changing work environment induced by Covid-19. It will be much appreciated if the readers connect Porosh through LinkedIn as well and share their comments/feedback. It will provide us with an opportunity to enrich the Site and work towards achieving our Vision to act as safety net for the senior citizens.

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