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Porosh launches new service – Apatkal

Since inception one of the driving principle’s of Porosh has been relentless focus on customer needs. We sincerely believe Porosh owes its existence to its members and hence, duty-bound to address any explicit, or implicit need that may arise. But, we do not rest merely at that.

We receive requests for specific services which may not necessarily fit-in with the set of packages – four to be precise – on offer. In other words, such needs are unique and wide-ranging. Over a period of time we observed that the need for only ‘emergency hospitalization’ assistance comes right at the top. That is how Apatkal (emergency) came into being and it is distinct from Aastha, Sneho, Nischinta and Parisheba.

Under Apatkal, we not only arrange for ambulance and paperwork needed to be done at the time of admission but also complete insurance/ mediclaim related work alongside discharge procedures at the time of release.

It may be noted that a member has to bear expenses related to hiring of ambulance and follow-up visits.

Thus, Porosh now offers a wide-array of packages to fulfill as many varied needs of members as possible. It has been ensured that Apatkal package is economically priced so that money does not come in the way of life and death situations of senior citizens.

For details you may contact us at +91 9147096668 / +91 7439852047


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