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Porosh’s anniversary celebrations

For Porosh it has been a roller-coaster ride over the last four years. Within a year of establishing its operations Covid had set-in. Thus, a fledgling organization was face-to-face with an unprecedented challenge as it had to chart an unknown

terrain. Grit, courage and self-belief formed the bedrock of its existence since then. It was indeed baptism through fire. Dozens of lives of Porosh’s members were saved with the co-founders – Paushali Chakraborty & Souparno Roy Choudhury – literally putting their own lives at stake. The entire healthcare ecosystem had virtually collapsed at that time. Fear had gripped all.

With the passage of time Porosh has been able to establish itself as a dependable entity for elder care support at home in Kolkata. However simple it may appear to provide end-to-end healthcare support to the elderly people (especially, in the absence of their children) but the fact of matter is that it is a very delicate equation as one has to consistently provide quality services on time. A single mistake and the organization’s reputation is at stake.

Two years down-the-line Porosh’s team started to expand in response to operations spreading their wings beyond Kolkata to the suburbs like Chandannagar, Kharda etc. One must admit that it was not an easy task to develop a pool of individuals who are committed to work for such a cause and also not bound by the mindset of sticking to 9 to 5 office timings. Obviously, the screening process is quite rigorous. The efficacy of the process can be gauged by the fact that none has left Porosh since then. It also indicates that while Porosh takes care of its members, employees are also meaningfully engaged.

While the number of members have been increasing steadily over the years yet Porosh takes extra precaution to ensure that there is no voluntarily discontinuation of its services. It is negligible.

During this journey we have indeed made some good friends. There are children of many deceased members who still maintain cordial relationship with Porosh and are also instrumental in spreading among their close circles the work it does.


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