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Porosh’s Kitchen – The journey begins

For quite some time we have been thinking of what else Porosh can do to serve its members better without stretching itself too thin across different verticals. It is then that we thought of launching ‘Porosh’s Kitchen’ so that during hours of need, or crises our members can be served better.

No doubt offering a service of this nature comes with a lot responsibility. One needs to be ever vigilant regarding the quality of food being served and also on-time delivery.

Thus, having set the house in order almost immediately Porosh started receiving enquiries from its members about ‘Porosh’s Kitchen’. Little did we realize that the 3rd Covid wave shall lead to a deluge of requests for home delivery of food (lunch and dinner) from our members who have been infected with Covid and thus, facing difficulties to have proper meal due home quarantine restrictions.

Keeping in mind the medical history of our members we started to deliver home cooked food comprising set Bengali thali (both veg and non-veg) as per requirements of our members. We kept prices as nominal as possible. We also requested them to send request for home delivery atleast 24 hours in advance because ours is not a QSR.

Our excitement of rolling-out the new service got further fillip when we started receiving generous feedback from our members unasked for. Thus, we hope to continue serving the senior citizens (i.e. our members) better every passing day by constantly challenging ourselves and thinking out-of-box.


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