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Porosh’s new website

Porosh’s regular readers may recall that in a couple of blogs in the past we had highlighted about our responsiveness to member/ client expectations from us and our response to those.

Let us share the latest example. Some time around mid-November we received a call from a client of ours based-out-of Germany. He shared an insight about which we were blissfully unaware. He conveyed that unlike websites of a few other organizations offering similar services, Porosh offers limited information. As a result, many interested persons do not get necessary information in details.

We realized that Porosh needs to re-think about the layout and contents of the website so that all necessary information are conveyed and the visitor also gets an experience worth-remembering. All said and done, it was agreed upon that the new website had to be launched within 30 days of receiving the feedback.

Thus, having set the goal we held several rounds of brain-storming sessions. Ideas were tossed, debated upon and then we zeroed on the final design. After that responsibilities were bestowed upon two the team members for developing contents for and designing of the website.

The final look of the website exactly resembled what we were looking forward to. It was launched well inside 30 days! Did some one say, what cannot be measured cannot be managed? For those, who have visited our website in the past should be able to see the difference. It will be wonderful you if you could share your feedback on what else we should do to make the site more user-friendly by mailing at


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