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Porosh’s Work Philosophy– Arm-chair, or Hand’s-on Approach

When the news of COVID-19 started trickling-in by January-end we at Porosh did not take it too seriously. A month later we realized that the issue was far more serious than what we had even imagined. Country after country was falling prey to the virus and along with that spiraled the mortality rate. India was not spared either. Incidents of lockdown was reported from China with many other nations following suit.

In the first week of March, during our weekly review meeting, we casually discussed among ourselves, ‘What if something similar happens in India? What should Porosh do if there is a lockdown?’ A debate followed.

Some of us argued that we should start publishing blogs to sensitize our members & the larger audience about the Do’s & Don’ts to prevent being effected by COVID-19 and also share tips for life during lockdown. After all, these insights help in raising awareness among the masses to fight an unknown entity. Such an approach at the end of a day is a safe job that can be done from the corner of one’s office, or home. We term it ‘arm chair’ approach.

The other view was rather risky and hence, daring. It was contented that Porosh should prepare the blueprint of an action plan in the eventuality of a lockdown. And what was it? Reaching-out to the elderly citizens with medicine, grocery and other household essentials. Although one realized it would pose serious health hazard to the Porosh foot soldiers yet the joy & thrill of actually serving someone during the time distress underscored everything else. We call it ‘hands-on’ approach.

Thus, the team decided to opt for the second approach. After all, it was argued, how much we may write to create awareness what really makes the difference is helping those in the hour of need. It is like being in the war front. Little did we realize then that three weeks later lockdown would be reality.


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