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Power of Visualization - A tool for achieving personal goals

As if COVID-19 was not enough we bore the brunt of Nature in the form of Amphan. It has been a scale of devastation that the city of Kolkata has never witnessed in the past. During this time of the year we are occasionally greeted by the oh-so pleasing norwester (kalbaishakhi) in the evenings. But then, something of this sort? Who knows if it is an early sign of things to come on account of global warming? Let us now focus on an engaging theme which shall test our will-power for a rewarding future.

The Greek philosopher Plato had once remarked, “Take charge of your life and you can do with it what you will.” This statement holds good for ‘visualization’. It is a time-tested powerful technique for transforming dreams into realities.

Visualization is an act of mentally picturing ideas, events, circumstances and concrete objects. The effectiveness of visualization is in enhancing our ability to achieve. A person who visualizes clearly sees the results that would come in pursuit of goals. The following steps are noteworthy:

  1. When we visualize a goal it fuels motivation. It generates intense urgency and fuels intensity to keep motivation burning. Procrastination, inertia and indecision disappear. We are energized to keep moving towards the accomplishment of goals. Moreover, in the majority of situations vision gives more accurate knowledge than any other source. This is substantiated by the fact that we customarily think in pictures.

  2. By constant practice we can improve our power of visualization and turn it into a forceful habit that increases our personal productivity. But it needs to be supported by concrete action. Once we start visualizing regularly and as per plan we shall find it be the most helpful tool used for harnessing the power of imagination. It also intensifies beliefs and commitments.

  3. That seeing is believing has more than a grain of truth. When we visualize in possession of a goal we believe in our ability to achieve it.

  4. Visualization sharpens concentration because it shows the exact path to the destination. We are no longer distracted by outward circumstances.

  5. Visualization relieves stress. Anxiety and stress creep-in when uncertainty and doubt associated with the future. It reduces stress by providing believable information.

Paul J Mayer, a pioneer in the self-improvement industry, commented, “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe and enthusiastically act upon must inevitably come to pass.”Therefore, the crises we are face-to-face calls for individual efforts in thinking positive for a better future. It will for certain come to pass.


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