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Rites of passage

Some time in the month of December’20 Porosh received a call from an elderly lady, based abroad, seeking Aastha package for her octogenarian parents. After briefing the lady on the facilities covered under the package there was no response. It was only in the month of April that she called us up once again and immediately enrolled her parents as Porosh’s members. It is to be noted that at time her mother had just returned from a nursing home and thus needed nursing assistance apart from regular health monitoring.

During our first visit we realized that she (say, Mrs.Wilson) was indeed not keeping well and also looked quite frail. When we asked Mrs.Wilson’s husband if she was better on her return from the nursing home, he replied, “Her condition has deteriorated. Therefore, we felt it to prudent to bring her back and ensure proper care is taken at home. Now she has a swollen forehead and no explanation has been given to us as to how it all happened. When we shared the health reports of Jane with our family doctor he observed that some of the critical tests have not been performed either. At this age I am feeling so helpless. Hence, we decided to seek Porosh’s help.”

Thus, having taken stock of the situation we decided, at first, to get Mrs.Wilson checked for certain key issues which seem to have been neglected. Once we received the reports within a day, or two it was realized that medication at home would not be tenable and hence, she needed to get admitted to a better nursing home/ hospital. And our challenge started thereafter.

We were not getting beds for her admission. So we sought help from one of our empaneled doctors and managed to secure a bed for Mrs.Wilson in a nursing home in South Kolkata. The next seven days was a tug-of-war between life and death. However, situation seemed to improve from the eighth day onwards. However, destiny had something else in store for us. The same night her oxygen level started to drop dramatically and she had to be put on ventilation. Next day at 8.40 am Mrs.Wilson passed away.

The younger daughter of Mrs.Wilson requested us arrange for her funeral the very next day. She unable to organize it on her own given her age related problems. Now, this was an unique opportunity for Porosh and the whole the team swung into action. A flurry of activities followed:

1) The Peace Heaven was contacted to preserve the mortal remains of Mrs.Wilson.

2) Coffin along cross were arranged from Syed Amir Ali Avenue.

3) For writing on the cross a team member went to Mullick Bazar.

4) In parallel contact was established with the person responsible for digging the grave.

5) Timings for performing the final rites by the priest was coordinated upon.

6) Order for flowers was placed in Lake Market.

Next day Mrs.Wilson was laid to rest in the Bhowanipur Cemetery. It was an emotional moment for all of us as her husband and daughter wept profusely. There were a few other family members as well.

After all the formalities were over by late afternoon Team Porosh was offered warm thanks for minutely working on the details and seamlessly organizing the solemn event as per schedule within a very short notice.


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