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Senior Citizens & COVID Wave III

Although we have learnt to live with the infectious variants of COVID 19 virus for more than a year now yet the concomitant anxiety and fear are not allowing us to heave a sigh of relief. After the 1st wave had subsided we felt that the worst is over and let the guards off. Even when the news of the 2nd wave of COVID started to trickle-in from other nations the overriding perception in India was that by some divine dispensation we shall remain unaffected by the virus. Alas, it was not to be!

The vicious impact of the 2nd wave brought back to us the unpleasant memories of the past year. We cocooned ourselves within the safe precincts of our homes. The very thought of the family members venturing out on daily errands, or office work made us anxious. We wondered: what if the person returns home having been infected by the virus?

Not only that. A few days into the month of April and the news of lack of oxygen & usual dearth of beds in hospitals leading to painful deaths created a sort of mass hysteria. We at Porosh had been witness to its impact on our elderly members and tried its level best to assuage their frail nerves.

Now, with news of Wave III being imminent and it being more infectious, we should not take it easy any more. As goes the saying, ‘Once bitten twice shy.’ While adhering to the norms of wearing masks, social distancing, hand sanitization etc. we should also not allow negativity to overpower us. Apparently informative discussions in Whatsapp groups and reports in news channels/newspapers seem to create more anxiety than putting ourselves at ease.

Hence, it is our request to our members, and even those who are not, to maintain positive atmosphere at home by reading books (like biographies) and watching films/ serials to keep your minds from getting caught in the whirlpool of negativity. It is advisable to avoid discussions with near & dear ones on such topics. We hope that by now we have realized that the fight is far from over.


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