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Seriousness of Covid 19 Wave II

Amidst all the din and cacophony over the Bengal election it seems we have thrown caution to the wind. An attitude of blissful ignorance and nonchalance seem to have overpowered us. It appears that we have sealed a stamp of final victory over the virus. Hence, growing reluctance to abide by the Covid norms. We appreciate it may partly be attributed to individuals revolting to the restrictions imposed on their movements and also putting on masks. True, at times it appears to be a bit suffocating but have these not been imposed for protecting us from the clutches of the virus?

The seriousness of Wave II can be gauged by a very recent experience of ours. A couple of days back one of our ailing members, who is in her late 80’s, was admitted to a nursing home. However, in line with maintaining Covid protocol she was tested for the virus. She tested positive. The nursing home informed us to admit her to a hospital who treat Covid infected patients. Yesterday our team ran from pillar to post to find a bed for her but to no avail. All the concerned healthcare centres are overflowing with patients and anxious family members standing in the queue to get them admitted. Beds are not available

Had it not been for one of our empaneled doctors we may not have been able to get her admitted either. The only option with us would have been to arrange for her treatment at home where her octogenarian husband stays. This would have made the situation very challenging for us. We avoided the nightmare due to our network of doctors and hospitals.

Therefore, it is our earnest request to the readers that in case you are away from your parents do send this message across to them and insist them not to venture outside at all. Yes, it is going to be an ordeal that they have to live through once again but is there any other option either?

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