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When Porosh decided to launch its services to address the medical and non-medical needs of the elder citizens of Kolkata (and its suburbs) the primary objective was, and still it is so, to offer quality services at affordable rates. Although it may sound a bit incongruous yet we were convinced that a lofty goal pursued with devotion and sincerity can make it happen.

Keeping in line with the Mission statement of Porosh -To offer reliable service within means – the first task was to assess the Team’s strength for delivering a range of services. After a few rounds of brainstorming sessions a clear picture emerged gradually. We could finally zero-on the services that we confident of offering. The next task was deciding on the prices at which the services could be offered. Once decided, the third step was finalization of packages to be offered. A conscious decision was taken to keep it simple. Accordingly, only three packages were designed.

Members enrolling for either Aastha (for couples) at Rs.5000 per month, or Sneho (for single)at Rs.3000 per month can avail

  1. 24*7 Emergency Assistance

  2. Doctor Home Visit once a quarter

  3. Caregiver visit once a quarter

  4. Courtesy Call twelve times a quarter

  5. Health Check-up (bi-annual)

  6. Health Monitoring (BP and Glucose) once a quarter

  7. 360 Degree IP Camera with two-way communication (Excluding Wifi Router, Internet Connection, Installation Charge and Wires)

But then, how about those who do not wish to avail either of the two standard packages? Are they to be left out? Certainly not. For them Parisheba was designed.It offers a bouquet of services for one to choose and pick-up from.

It may be noted that those who wish to avail Aastha/Sneho can also opt for any of the services offered under the umbrella of Parisheba.


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