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Social media and customer review

Social media have now become an important engine for making, or breaking the reputation of an organization. Those entities which are out-and-out service oriented are particularly vulnerable.

We know that the range of customer expectations knows no bound. Hence, it is important to clarify what to expect and what not to. Yet it is never full-proof. Misunderstanding happens and cracks appear due to expectation reality mismatch. Often these lead to not-so pleasant outcome.

We have observed that at times if the equation between the customer and the service provider goes sour some really nasty comments can be posted about the latter by the former in social media. Unfortunately, on its basis hundreds of readers of the post form an opinion and start maligning the image of the organization further by sharing their views. Thus, in the melee we miss-out the version of story from the service provider!

If we connect the dots then it is not unusual to realize that at times such smearing campaign is resorted to with an intention to cause harm to the organization’s reputation which can at times be baseless but the readers are not aware of the same.

Hence, it is prudent not to form an opinion just because some one has posted a comment and that too a negative one. It is by far sensible to experience the quality of service provided by the said organization and draw one’s own conclusion.


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